Samstag, Mai 13, 2006

How to use PR techniques for NGOs, any other organisation or your own work
When Edward L. Bernays (1891-1995), the "Father of Spin", started one of his PR campaigns, which included clients like Procter & Gamble, The United Fruit Company, American Tobacco Industries, Mack Trucks, General Electric and several governments of this world, he used to have a plan consisting of eight steps. Using this model can also be a basis for any other institution trying to inform the public. It is up to you whether you use it for manipulating people or to inform them - just like you can use a knife to cut your bread or to kill a person. In Larry Tye's book "The Father of Spin - Edward L. Bernays and the Birth of Public Relation" (first published in 1998) you will find this 8-steps-plan:

1. Define your objects
2. Conduct research
3. Modify your objectives based onb that research
4. Set a strategy
5. Establish themes, symbols, and appeals
6. Create an organization to execute your strategy
7. Decide on timings and tactics
8. Carry out your plans

Well, all the best for your own projects and never forget to ask yourself for what and whom you are doing the things your are actually doing? ... may help to avoid a lot of (mental) trouble on the long run.

All the best, Michael.