Samstag, Februar 17, 2007

The name of the game

Just recently I went with friends to a Turkish Shisha Café in Dresden-Neustadt. After I while we talked to one of the waiters who turned out to be an Iraki. I asked him how is family was. He told us about several casualties and murders in his family. The war of the "coalition of the willing" was turned into a war between the Irakis themselves - simple method of "divide and conquer" ... In the end the waiter told us sort of a little poem which is not a poem in fact but describes the way our Western democracy works:

Democracy is the name,
War is the game.
So, forget about the name
and play the game.

Well, may the time come when the poems will have nicer contents.
Let's get away from oil as soon and much as possible.
Let's find our own way of democracy and get the war out of our heads.
Only love can help us ...

All the best, Micha.